It’s been a while.

For the last two years I have been studying for a Diploma in Arts and Contemporary Crafts at West Dean College.  It’s been absolutely amazing, I’ve discovered a whole new side of myself.

I’ve also been slowly selling my ‘back catalogue’ as well as developing a whole new portfolio of work that has been made on my course, which as you might expect, are not the kinds of things that lend themselves to Open Houses, local arts fairs and the like.  I am at yet anouther juncture therefore.  What do I do next?  But in the meantime, here’s a taster of what I’ve been up to…


…and relax

I’ve recently stopped the old day job. This has coincided with the annual mad rush to complete work ready for the Artists Open Houses festival in Brighton. I’m in two places which frankly is foolish but I’m pleased with what I’ve done nonetheless.  Lots of people have said they like my work during the first weekend and we had masses of visitors but liking is only one part of the Open Houses.  The next step is to see whether people like enough to then actually buy…

2017-03-23 16.29.40

Its been a while, and i am at a juncture in my life i suppose – hanging up the ‘job’ and seeing if i can hack it as a student potter…watch this space for what the future may bring.  And with this feeling of new beginning comes some new work, or at least the beginnings of it.  These lovely ladies, formed during a fantastic course at West Dean with Claire Ireland, are going to pit fired..watch this space to see if they survive!

old lady

A year ago – and the same is still true!

Katharine Rabson Stark

my kiln is old. very old. she is a cromarty from the 1960s and we got her from down the road for £100.  i am not sure that i really know how to use her, but i think that finally we are coming to an understanding, and she is doing me proud.  the only problem is that she doesn’t like very high temperatures, but then what old lady does?

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