A memory of a walk

An artist residency during a pandemic is not ideal. I have been away from Hawthbush Farm more than actually been present there during the past nine months. But I’m not complaining. There’s no point. But because of this a large part of what I have been considering is how much of my work in generalContinue reading “A memory of a walk”

Working with the very fabric of the place

This is yet again something I have never done before. As part of my ceramic practice I have always used calico to roll clay on and lean on. As part of my general artistic practice via studying for a diploma at West Dean College calico also gained a place for writing, sewing and working on.Continue reading “Working with the very fabric of the place”

Another firing.

We spent another few days at Hawthbush during the children’s half term break. I’ve been coming regularly since the summer but have only done one firing since it’s rather tricky doing it on your own and not exactly advisable. This time it was so very wet my beautiful pits were full up with water soContinue reading “Another firing.”