A memory of a walk

An artist residency during a pandemic is not ideal. I have been away from Hawthbush Farm more than actually been present there during the past nine months. But I’m not complaining. There’s no point.

But because of this a large part of what I have been considering is how much of my work in general is about what I think about when I am making, and how I remember great places, people and events whilst I work. How does this influence what I make?

Combining these ideas I have been slowly making a memory of a walk. A small book that started out as a line of clay slip taken from Hawthbush, overlaid with inks and paint, drawn whilst remembering the walk to the hut in which I am based at the farm. This over time has been overlaid with stitch, done slowly all whilst remembering the beauty of the farm and the feelings I have when I am there about anticipating having a great creative time. All done when I am not actually physically there at all.

Next step is to make a cover. It’s definitely a book. And when I open it up in years to come I will still remember.

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