A book

I haven’t been to Hawthbush since October due to a further lockdown. And although I’ve made masses of work (including setting up a shop on my website) I haven’t spent loads of time explicitly working on pieces that relate to my residency. Finally this week I had a chance to spend two days at the farm and got masses done. I’ve obviously been thinking A LOT about what I want to do next and although I didn’t have stacks of time there I worked hard and achieved loads. Very satisfying.

One thing I achieved was this little book. I had been wondering what to do with these scraps of dyed fabric, and today I found an unplanned use for them. Is it a book? Or a story? Journal entry? Or a series of thoughts? I really like the feel of it, and I loved making it so perhaps that alone is its purpose and it doesn’t need a title to explain further.

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