Another firing.

We spent another few days at Hawthbush during the children’s half term break. I’ve been coming regularly since the summer but have only done one firing since it’s rather tricky doing it on your own and not exactly advisable. This time it was so very wet my beautiful pits were full up with water so I decided to use the metal bin and blimey I’m pleased we did. It was easier, more controllable and safer.

I had made a whole batch of pieces I wanted to pit fire. These were a combination of some by-mistake-mixed-up terracotta and black clay that I had worked into pinch pots. Before I do a smoke firing on the actual Hawthbush Clay I wanted to see what the smoke does to other terracotta rather than wasting my precious hand dug pieces. I also made last week some sculptural pinch pot pieces with a clay body that I had stained blue. I want to see what would happen with the smoke effect. All of these were fired once at home and then layered up with copious amounts of animal bedding material. So not sawdust exactly. The fire went off really easily and lasted a magnificent 24 hours safe and sound.

And I am delighted with the results. Much to repeat and think about

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