Finally, June came..

And I could come again to Hawthbush Farm and become intoxicated by its atmosphere. The safari hut that was my base was as I had left it yet when I saw it last it was all jumpers and wooly hats, few leaves and empty trees. This time it was very different and the thistles and dock and the ragwort has beautifully taken over.

Whatever I create I want it to be honest to both myself and my abilities as well as representative of both what I see and what I feel about my surroundings. As I have explored the outside space here, keeping myself to myself for the main part, I realise that what I want to make is simple. And I have landed on the pinch pot as the thing that resonates most with me, both in its simplicity of making but also in the mindfulness that making them brings. Meditative almost. And it is also a vessel and that to this project at Hawthbush is important. I have had some of the loveliest of times here with Lisa and Toby with family and friends and socialising, eating and drinking is very important. The vessel therefore, that might hold something that can be shared, is an important cornerstone for this project.

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