My first residency

I started a residency at Hawthbush Farm in Gun Hill, home of the wonderful Lisa and Toby Smallpeice, back in February. The idea was fairly straightforward: I’ve always wanted to work away from my own studio, drawing inspiration from the land or the place around me. I have had some experience of this when I did an installation at West Dean College as part of their Arts Festival, drawing inspiration from the amazing home of Edward James within which the College is based. However, most residencies require you to be away from home for long periods and that is something I just cannot do. My proposal to Lisa was very simpleI would just do it parttime, for around two days a week, or when I could manage and over six months or so would create work that is based around the land and environment around me at Hawthbush Farm that would then be exhibited at the farm itself.

My home from home – where I will be based at Hawthbush Farm

This had just truly got going when Covid truly hit and lockdown came. However, I did start to formulate ideas and make work before I had to retreat and put the project on hold

Raw clay, found at Hawthbush Farm mixed with porcelain.

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